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Roughly ordered: newer projects are at the top. I added some of them even years after I worked on them when finding them again later on. Some targets of these links are in german only. They are older projects of mine from before I switched to writing everything in english.

MKeyboardHaste: Allows you to set your keyboard speed more flexible than windows' system settings.

Realtime Raytracer: An experimental realtime raytracer. It uses newton game dynamics' scene management for raytracing.

Voxel Editor: A prototype experimenting with voxels as the basis for representing a modell in a 3D modelling program.

Visual Volume: When I was about 23 years old, I got a CT scan of my stomach. I convinced the doctor to burn a cdrom with the scan for me :) He also included a freely available viewer which allowed to view the single 2D pictures of the scan seperately. But I wanted to have a 3D model and rotate it in realtime. So I wrote Visual Volume: I loads a set of 16bit DICOM pictures and renders them in realtime hardware accelerated OpenGL. It worked on an 2002 Geforce4 those days.

QCI - Quantum Computing Interactive: Quantum Computing Interactive is a quantum computer simulator for your desktop pc. It features interactive examination of every step the quantum computer takes when running an algorithm by visualization of the current state and the ability to step forward or backward and an hierarchical organization of the steps. The number of qubits it can simulate depends on the amount of memory your pc has and still rises exponentially with their number. So from a theoretical point of view, this is nothing revolutionary. Instead, QCI is designed to help the user understand the behaviour of a quantum computer. link

NihonDrill: I wrote this program to practice the japanese Hiragana and Katakana for the japanese course I participated in winter 2002. You can train a few Hiragana/Katakana, the entire set or entire words. You can add wordlists in the questions-directory. When the program starts, it displays the first question. Type your answer in the textbox at the bottom of the window. The alphabet and the wordlist can be changed at any time.
Download: win32 binary

Birdwatch: Guess what it is or visit this page. It is in german, but it is quite self-explanatory.

Game Development: Here you can find some of the games I wrote in my spare time together with a couple of friends. link

Library System of St. Alban: This is the url of homepage the St. Alban where the online frontend of the library system I developed can be found. It enables you only to query for books, so it is just the public part of the system. link Recherche

computer vision

Computer vision is my special field of interest. Here are some of my experiments in this field.

3D-reconstruction using a modified silhouette method: This was my first project on computer vision. It is a few years old and I wouldn't do it this way again. But at that time, I thought it might be a good idea. Have a look at this page. I wrote it in german those days. If you can't read it, try altavista translator or just have a look at the colorful pictures. :)

Here are some screenshots of my first feature tracker. Neat, isn't it?

This was my first structure-from-motion approach. The program captures pictures from a webcam (1st window on the topleft), removes lensdistortion (2nd window), tracks some features (3rd window). The internal parameters were calibrate before so undistortion of the pictures can be done right after capturing. After capturing some pictures, the program begins to calculate the camerapositions an 3D-positions of the tracked features (note the dark blue points in front of the cyan lines). I used the 8-point algorithm combined with a least square and randac method to compute the initial guess and afterwards optimize it nonlinear.
There was a problem with my webcam those days producing only red pictures. Note the well selected reference object(s) I captured. :)

Lens & shadingcorrection This was a job offered by "Lehrstuhl für Regelungstechnik und Signaltheorie" from the faculty of eletrical engenering. They searched for someone to write a program for Pentacon that removes lens and shading-errors of captured images by a referenceimage. The first image is the reference captured by the camera. The second is the picture that has to be corrected. The third is the result. The pictures are scaled down, original size was about 10000x7000.

Visualization practical SS 2003, results (in german).

Anaskari - Name Generator I wrote this simple name generator back in 2000 in Visual Basic. You can download it here as well as the source code in VB6 here.

Older Projects: some of my older projects, mainly small programs, and in german. link