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Some tools that come in handy from time to time. This way I can always find them fast myself.

Tools written by myself:
MPF Marc's Port Forward: Use it at your own risk! download
StartHidden Starts a program completly invisible. The start command that comes with windows badly lacks this option. download
Delayed Startup Executes a list of commands after a specified amount of time. download
SharedMemoryBrowser Very basic tool for showing the content of shared memories in binary. Use WinObj from Sysinternals to see the currently existing shared memories. download
MParamCapture Captures the command line parameters given to this application. The output occurs to stdout as well as MParamCapture.txt download
IconPos Restores the positions of your windows desktop icons after changing the desktop resolution. Run IconPosSave to save the positions of your desktop icons of your current desktop resolution. After switching to another desktop resolution, run IconPosRestore to restore the previously saved positions for that desktop resolution. download
MRDPStart Small RDP Client with auto disconnecting feature. Allows usage similar to *nix screen. .Net 2.0 is required. download
PerformanceCounterTimeLeapCheckTool See http://support.microsoft.com/kb/274323/en-us. download
NoBeep My old Medion Laptop had a very loud beep. Additionaly, it reset it's volume to max after each reboot for some reason. So I wrote this program which set the pc beep volume to 0 and added it to my autostart. download
MCDLock I had 3 different laptops in my live so far and all had one problem: The cd rom lid would jump out frequently when I accidently touch the eject button. I searched for a tool that electronically locks the cdrom, and found one. But it seems, this tool doesn't work anymore on Win7. So I wrote this small tool. It allows to lock, unlock, eject and close your cd/dvd/bluray drives. It's a cmdline tool. Start it from cmd to see the help. download

Tools by 3rd parties:
netcat / nc cat for the net. download 7z
wget Downloads files via http in a robust manner. download
grep Helpfull file searching tool. download
tee Duplicates stdin to stdout and a file. download
taskkill Kills tasks by ProcessID or ProcessName download
sleep Waits for a specified amount of time until it continues. download
robocopy Robust File Copy download
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.Net 4.5 full While ms calls this full, it's still just a downloader though :/ setup ms

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