Voxel Editor

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Voxel Editor is a prototype of a 3D Modelling program using voxels for representing the modell.


wasd qucamera movement, up/down
shift + mouse movementrotate camera
set voxelsets a voxel to the a, r, g, b values. If alpha is 0, the voxel is deleted.
add voxeladds a voxel to the modell with a, r, g, b as it's color. If alpha is 0, no voxel is added.
add sphereadds a sphere to the modell. If alpha is 0, the sphere is discarded instead. The radius of the sphere can get specified with the "sphereradius" value.
shootremoves all voxels along a ray.
shoot cylinderLike "shoot" but removes all voxels along a a cylinder. The radius can be specified with the "sphereradius" value again.

This program makes use of Ken Silverman's Voxlap5 Engine to render the scene. It's currently limited to 256 pixels in height, so the resolution is less than modern pcs should be able to store in ram. However, for prototyping, that's enough to see if this approach of 3D modelling is usefull.

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